Starring Ashley Rider
Released on Jun 6, 2020
Duration : 11:02
Tags: 22-29 (Age) , 5.7K (Video Quality) , Bedroom (Location) , Blonde (Hair) , Blue (Eyes) , Casual (Outfit) , Large (Breasts) , Natural (Breasts) , Pink (Lingerie) , Scottish (Nationality) , Shaved (Pubic Hair) , Tattoos (Body)

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Red Light, Green Light, Pink Light

Today, we're going to play a fun game of 'Red Light, Green Light, Pink Light' with your naughty and gorgeous host...Ashley Rider! The rules are the game are as follows, if Ashley says 'red light' you can't WANK your COCK and you have to sit there frustratingly as Ashley teases you with her juicy pussy. If she says 'green light', you can wank your cock over her gorgeous, curvaceous body. However, if she says 'pink light', Ashley gets to play with her tight wet pussy!

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